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Its great to receive chances in life. But I do not like to stay here and wait for chances to come. I like to start building now. 1 step at a time. it does not matter how fast or how slow that it may be. As long as I keep moving, even a dollar gained is a dollar nearer to my goal. You can call me “Silly“. But I was very excited when I have made my 1st dollar online!!

Life is as such, the more you are willing to try, the more you are committed, the goal will be shifting nearer and nearer to you as the day passes by. Its the law of the universe.

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This question looks very familiar to me. Whenever I was being approached by a distributor from a network marketing company, I always have some questions in my mind. One set of questions would be “How good is this company and Will this company close down after I have spent so much time in building my business?”.

The distributor will always tell me that “this is a great company“, “this company has great products” and “this company has great compensation plan“. Do all these sound familiar to you again?

To put it plainly, these answers put me off.  Really OFF!!

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Whether in insurance or in property market, the experienced mentor in the market will always tell me to start off with my warm market. As usual, I will always ask them “Why must it always have to start off with a warm market?“. Are there any other ways that we can do it differently?

And they will say this ……

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“Scam, Scam, Scam!!” What Say You?

If you say that it is a Scam, it will be a ‘Scam’ in your mind. If you say it is not, then it will not be a Scam. Seems like a bull-load of rubbish sentences.

Let’s do it in a more scientific way.

A network marketing company must meet the following criteria to be legitimate:

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“If You Want To Earn A Living, Go and Get a Job!!”
“If You Want To Create A Wealth, Start A Business!!”

I am not here to offer a job to you. I am also not here to recommend you a job.

Why you are reading this article is most probably you are surfing net and happen to come across this article. Or Maybe you are attracted to the picture of the article. Or Maybe… okay lets cut to the chase.  If creating wealth sounds interesting to you,  please continue to read on.

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